End Time Prophet

Many are called few are chosen!

Shervonda JonesSold out (Warrior) to the call of God!

Prophetess/Evangelist Jones has been ordained by God as a Prophetess to the nations and vessel of Broken Chains Ministries. She has been anointed by God and given extraordinary gifts in distinction of Spirits and Spiritual Warfare.

She’s a soldier in the army of the Lord, anointed and appointed (during this end time season) to stand on the battlefield as a justified Prophet, Evangelist, Intercessor, Prayer Warrior, demon slayer, and Teacher.

Prophetess Jones had a personal encounter with God in 1999. During the visitation, she was shocked beyond belief that her relationship with God was from a worldly perspective opposed to Spiritual. God revealed (to her) that she only knew a form of Him and didn’t comprehend His true power.

She was grieved in her Spirit and deeply saddened. After all, she was committed to church attendance, Bible study, and other events orchestrated by the church. Surely, she had a relationship with God. Not so! The truth was revealed to her that glorious day. God interrupted her life and snatched her from many cords of bondage.

He immediately began Holy Ghost surgery in multiple areas of her life, uprooting, molding, and shaping her for His use. God revealed the cycles of bondage operating in her life and began to defuse every trap the enemy launched against her.

She embraced God’s ordained call for her life (laid down everything) denied herself, (Luke 14:26) and became sold out to God. Declaring not her will, but God’s will for her life.

God revealed (at the beginning of the journey) the fiery trials she would endure, but He promised He would remain faithful every step of the way. Throughout the years, God has allowed her to endure fiery trials, numerous valley experiences, great tribulations, and overwhelming persecution, in an effort to train her hands to war against the enemy’s camp. 2 Timothy 2:12

As she journeyed from realms into dimensions  she became stronger and wiser. Remaining under God’s shadow and pliable in His hands. From the adversity, she has learned that God is faithful and requires His people to live Holy for He is Holy.

She has taken on the mind of Christ, rejects the alignment of worldly wisdom, and embraces the Wisdom of God, cognizant that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. She is certified (by the Lord) as a Genuine Warrior on the battlefield.

God has taken what the enemy meant for evil and is using it for His greater Glory through her life. She is now a terror to the kingdom of hell! God has restored Prophetess, and taken the mess that once plagued her life and given her a message for the Kingdom of God. We give God Glory!

God has blossomed Broken Chains Ministries in leaps and bounds, and for this Prophetess gives God all the Glory.

A native of La. Prophetess Jones has been a resident of Houston, Texas since 1999. She is the mother of one daughter.

Prophetess believes there’s safety in a multitude of counselors and praises God for the Sons and Daughters He has ordained to under gird her throughout the years. She is a marked daughter of Zion and has been set apart for the Glory of God.