Hallelujah, Praise The Lord for Broken Chains Ministry!


I thank God for this ministry of God’s Truth birthed by the Holy Spirit. It was the catalyst for my change out of a traditional and religious mindset into true relationship with Jesus Christ.

As long as I’ve followed BCM, I have been edified and transformed by its teaching, impartation, prophecy, and deliverance components. The ministry is empowering, encouraging, and transforming Saints to mature to the next dimension.

This ministry embodies and embraces the complete Word of God. Therefore miracles, revelation, wisdom, and understanding are employed. Prophetess Jones has passion for genuine truth and demonstrates compassion for God’s people to grow in the knowledge and wisdom in the things of God. [Read more…]

A Great Blessing in My Life…

BCM has been a great blessing in my life. This Ministry has lovingly, yet boldly used the word and wisdom of God to launch me into greatness in Him.

When I met Prophetess Jones over five years ago, I had no idea what God was planning for my life. I wasn’t aware that He was preparing me to receive deliverance from hurt, disappointments, and lack of trust in people (especially in ministry).

I knew there were issues in my life that I needed to overcome, but I didn’t know how or where to begin. Well, for those of you who know Prophet Jones, she doesn’t hesitate in speaking boldly about error, and challenging one to come up higher regarding the things of God. [Read more…]

Praise for BrokenChainsMinistries.org

I would like to Praise the Lord for this anointed web site. There is truly something in a name, Broken Chains. I was led to this site, by a friend of a friend. And as I read the Mission of this Ministry, I could feel the Deliverance taking place in my Spirit. I continue to read the message, and I read it and read it again. Oh my God! He sent Liberty to the captive to make me free. I Bless God for the work being done here. I am on my way to total Deliverance in Jesus Name. I Bless the Lord for this Ministry, because some strongholds have been broken & destroyed. God Bless.

Sis. M. Esther
Houston, TX.

Broken Chains Ministries Kept Me Going in Bad Times…

The prayers, emails, teachings and fellowship that I have received from Broken Chains Ministry along with it’s leadership have kept me going in several bad times.

Through my time of unemployment I knew that I would not have been able to maintain the sanity and peace that I was able to hold onto. My prayer bank was always full and I was able to get through without a worry in the world, because I knew that my Savior and Lord would not give me more than I could handle. I survived a layoff for 2 months and got the job that I desired right at the time that the money was about to run out.

R. M.
Accountant MBA
Katy, TX

God Is More Than A Provider…

Before I connected to Broken Chains Ministries, I was experiencing several significant distresses in my life. I was held captive by the strongholds of lust, unforgiveness, and pride.

The lust spirits operating in my life lead me to develop relationships that caused many women to end up being hurt, while simultaneously moving me further away in my relationship to God.  Therefore, I repeatedly carried the burdens of guilt, emptiness, and unfulfillment.

A dear friend of mine attempted to comfort me without any success. Because the friend was very concerned about me, and didn’t think I would make it, the friend asked Prophetess Jones to contact me.

Before I can tell you the process of how I was delivered, I must explain who God sent in my life to help me accomplish this mission. Because of my strong personality, intellectualism, and skepticism.

God knew that I needed someone to help guide me on this spiritual journey that had walked out the word through obedience and commitment to Him. It had to be a role model that I couldn’t question or doubt their intentions. Therefore, He sent Prophetess Jones, the daughter of His heart, into my life.

She boldly emphasized that if  I wanted true change to occur I’d have to totally dedicate my life to God, and commit to studying, understanding, and obeying the word of God.

Prophetess lovingly, yet boldly teaches God’s word and walks as a spiritual role model. The prayers of a righteous person avails much. God used Prophetess Jones as a prayer intercessor and prayer warrior to tear down the structures of darkness functioning in my life.  Prophetess taught me to sit at the feet of God, and embrace God, as  Lord of my life.

God really began pouring into me and lifting burdens from me. I learned that God is a deliverer and revealer of all truth. I have now been celebrant for more than two and half years, five hours and 33 minutes, but who is counting! The Greater one lives on the inside of me, therefore I’m more than a conqueror in all areas of my life.

I am delighted to tell you that God is good.  The ability to achieve celibacy/deliverance from the strongholds of lust is a small part of the blessing.  The emphasis is that I got to know God.

God healed all hurtful feelings from childhood to adulthood.   He even granted me the wisdom to identify subtle deceptions that can lead to toeholds that later become strongholds.

My life is a witness to His love and transforming power.  Previously, I had viewed God as only a provider.  But I now see God as a loving Heavenly Father that is omnipotent, omniscient, revealer of all truth, friend, healer, comforter, deliverer, and intercessor. Through God’s mighty power, my life has been transformed.

C. D.
Atlanta, Georgia

Broken Chains Ministries Has Been a Blessing…

Broken Chain Ministries has been a blessing in my life. I thought I knew what God expected from me as a Christian; But BCM has shown me how to act and what God expects from me. I went through several trails, and BCM helped me face and respond correctly to the trails.

My faith has increased and my discernment to hear from God has also increased. I thank God for allowing Broken Chain Ministries to be a blessing to me and my family. Once again I am very grateful to Broken Chain Ministries.

C. N.
Stockbridge Ga.
School Counselor

God Is Completing the Work He Began in Me…

Prophetess Jones came into my life about four years ago. God had her impart to me certain things that were hindering my walk with Him. I certainly had no interest in being told how low my self esteem was or any of the other revelations that God instructed her to divulge. I remember at the end of the conversation how I began to cry, Prophetess said, “See, those demons don’t want to be exposed!” I was thinking to myself, this has nothing to do with demons, you are hurting my feelings…I did not understand the strongholds in my life of how they truly affected me. Before she pulled away, she gave me chapters in the Bible to read and instructed me to ask God to “show me myself”. [Read more…]

Thank You for Being God’s Chosen Vessel…

Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He reveal His secret unto His prophet.” Thank you for being God’s chosen vessel, a real genuine authentic prophetess. In the natural I have never met you, except in the Spirit realm in 2004. I was serving as Assistant Pastor to a Congregation of approximately 600.

I was facing many obstacles and desperately in need of a Word of direction and encouragement from the Lord. Abba Father, knowing my need used my best friend – Rev. J. B. to help you reach me. [Read more…]