Strongholds Healing & Deliverance

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Deliverance from Strongholds

Break free from areas of strongholds in your life  that hold you captive. Allow Jesus Christ to break/sever every generational curse that has not only plagued your life but prior generations.

Bondage can begin in various areas of an individuals life. The most common and effective way the enemy creates upheaval in the mind is through planting   negative words of hopelessness, despair, grief, and inferiority. Once these negative patterns fester and continue building snares are created. In-turn causing entanglements of bondage eventually leading to strongholds if deliverance doesn’t occur.

The enemy uses subtle strategies to build snares in the mind. He repetitively filters negative thoughts which are spoken through speech and formed by words. Once released in the atmosphere the manifestation from negative speech becomes alive and active. The Bible says we’re formed in the image of God Genesis 1:27. Therefore because we’re formed in Gods image, we’ve been given authority to speak life or death Proverbs 18:21. Satan realizes that many are oblivious to the powerful impact of spoken words.

Therefore he weaves a tight web of snares in the mind. This is a simple task for satan when his tactics are undetected. Simply stated The battle always begins in the mind. If we fail to study the Word of God, and walk in obedience to His Word. We fall prey to the deceptions of the enemy.

Negative patterns do not cease to exist by simply quoting scriptures (you must follow God with your whole heart). The Word of God must be applied to your life daily. God’s Word washes and renews the mind, and helps one to remain aligned with the mind of Jesus Christ.

Daily communion with God, strengthens your Spiritual walk, and gives you the power to stand firm when natural/worldly disasters occur. Armor up daily if you desire to walk in Spiritual Authority.

Remember the enemy is consistently seeking whom he may devour. See yourself as God sees you. Change your thoughts, take captive every negative thought that attempts to control you (as a man thinks so is he).

Freedom is available to you. God has the keys to unlock all areas of captivity. It’s important that these doors are unlocked so that one can be free from bondage.Allow God, through your obedience to unlock the doors of disappointments, depression, physical/mental/emotional abuse, sickness, disease, fornication, lust, pride, malice, hurt, pain, wounds, unforgiveness, strife, contention, jealousy, rage, gossip and the like…

Breaking Free!

One breaks free by whole heartily casting down wicked imaginations and cravings of the flesh (which are ungodly). What you starve will wither and die, however what you feed will become stronger and grow.

Rejecting the flesh isn’t easy, (especially when strongholds have been actively present in one’s life for years) it’s a process. If you allow God to guide you. He’ll strengthen you through prayer, fasting, and fellowship with other believers. The principal foundation/fundamentals for deliverance is reading and comprehending the Word of God. True deliverance begins with the Word becoming alive and active on the inside of you.

The Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged Sword. It will up root, tear down, build and plant what’s needed in your Spirit. The Word of God opposes everything that’s not like God, and reveals truth. It’s the only book you’ll ever read that backs up and reads you!

Most aren’t aware that a cracked door leads to multiple open doors, just to name a few:

  • Gossip/Talebearers– leads to strife, contention, division, haughtiness…
  • Idol ship– stems from anything that is esteemed above almighty God, such as relationships, love of possessions, etc. the root cause usually originates from voids, loneliness, rejection, sought validation….
  • Pride– Be careful, pride is probably one of the most deceptive Spirits to uproot. Remember pride was the downfall of the devil.
  • Arrogance– roots from anger, bitterness, un forgiveness, humiliation, control, self will.. This spirit demands justice when treated unjustly in any manner, and rejects the Word of God which clearly declares vengeance belongs to the Lord!

The only way to be set free from the spirit of pride is to embrace humility, meekness, submission, and lowliness of Spirit. These are just a few stated areas of bondage where the enemy gains access in the lives of many believers.

If you desire freedom from strongholds. You must cease feeding the existing stronghold, Pursue prayer, study of the Word, and time in God’s presence. You cannot counsel demons; they must be (expelled) cast out! Demonic power cannot survive in the presence of true Holiness.

God’s Perspective in contrast to worldly views

We’re living in an hour where the Word of God is consistently being challenged. Many are becoming tolerate and accepting of sins that are an abomination to God and His Holy Word.

We’re literally justifying and embracing the unruliness of this world without resistance. Sin is becoming a comfortable way of life. As a nation, we have diluted the commands of God, leaned to our understanding, embraced the pleasures of this world, and allowed the planting of negative seeds to contaminate lifestyles of Holy living.

As a result, the wrath/judgment of God has entered the land. Sadly, many of these strongholds/spirits are actively operating undetected, not only in our homes, schools, and work environments, but also in the church. We’re witnessing murders in school (once prayer was prohibited), murders in the court houses (once they removed the ten commandments), families being destroyed (due to refusal to obey God & lack of prayer). If that’s not enough they’re now attempting to remove “In God we trust” from currency (no wonder we’re in an economic crisis).

When we kick God out, the devil moves in. We need a wake up call! Many have become desensitized to Holy Living and adopted the moral humanism syndrome. Good works and superficial deeds have become a smoke screen for genuine Holy living. Church attendance, Bible Study, singing in the choir, serving on the Deacon or Usher Board, etc…have been equated to right standing with God. Matt.23:28

You don’t strive in relationship with God or enter the gates of heaven based on good works. Matt. 19 20:23 You come to know God and His character by continuously communing with Him.

Many appear healthy (physically/spiritually) outwardly, while severely wounded inwardly. The facade of Holy and victorious living is being exposed in this hour. The Lord is separating the sheep from the goats, the Holy from the unholy, and the pure in heart from the wicked in heart.

People, do not deceive yourselves, God knows the heart of every man, it’s not His desire that anyone would perish, but that all would come to repentance. Please understand God’s grace and mercy isn’t a license to sin.

We must turn away from things which are displeasing to Him, in an effort to be made whole. If you continue to reject the teaching of God, and lean to your intellectual understanding, you shall have no part in the Kingdom of God.

No fornicator, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abuser, nor thief, nor drunkard, nor revilers, nor extortionist shall enter the Kingdom of God…. 1Corth. 6:9

Many are guided by emotions and self will, as opposed to the will of God. This is a form of knowing God, yet denying His true power. If we desire genuine Healing and Deliverance we must allow God to reveal every door we’ve allowed the enemy to access.

God gave us power over 2000 years ago to defeat the enemy and place Him under our feet, but there’s a process to walking in the authority and power of God: accepting Him as Lord and Savior, submission to His will, and obedience to His Word is mandatory.

The Shofar is blowing!

A sound from heaven is ringing throughout the Earth. Can you feel the shift? It’s time for the soldiers/warriors of God to suit up and take their positions on the battlefield. We must take back the God given authority released to us before the foundation of the world.

Know who you are in God, you can’t fight Spiritual battles with carnal weapons! You need the Sword of the Spirit (Bible) to win this war. God has given us a daily manual of instructions, let’s embrace it.

I challenge you to go back to your first love Jesus Christ, and become reacquainted with Him. Allow the truth to penetrate your Spirit and soul. Meditate on His word day and night, walk in obedience (to His will), pray, seek His face, and align yourself with strong Believers. God is faithful let Him give you a life brand new!

Please be advised this website is copy written. You are prohibited from pasting, editing, or copying in form or part any content from this website without written consent from Broken Chains Ministries or Prophetess Jones