Famine is Coming to the Land

Pray! Pray! Pray! *2Chronicles 7:14*

Prophetess Shervonda Jones
January 19, 2010

Saints of God,

Several months ago I emailed a newsletter titled “Store up for the famine”! I also attached an email from David Wilkerson, titled “Message Urgent”

There were such similarities regarding the newsletter from Broken Chains and the email from David Wilkerson, that I was compelled to send it to the subscribers of Broken Chains as a confirming Word.

I was prompted by the Lord today (1/19/10) to resubmit snippets of the email again, as a reminder for the people to prepare for the things to come. Remember God does nothing before revealing His plans to His Prophets. Amos 3:7

Below is a copy of the message that was shared March 14, 2009

I attended a prayer gathering tonight along with many watchman on the wall for various cities. In the midst of the prayer gathering, one of the Intercessors, Minister Debra Degar, began declaring Words from the Lord.

Upon concluding Intercessory prayer, we began discussing (among one another) what the Lord was speaking individually to us regarding this season. I was asked by one of the intercessors, “Is the Lord revealing anything to you during this season”?

Immediately, I began to verbalize a vision God revealed to me approximately two years ago. Although I didn’t quite comprehend the fullness of the vision, I was confident that the vision would manifest during this season.

Here’s the vision:

I saw a huge burst of flames over multiple cities. Again, I didn’t understand the fullness of the vision, but I knew devastation hit multiple major cities throughout various states, (though not causing total destruction).

To my surprise, after sharing the vision, one of the intercessors shared with us that an email was released by David Wilkerson, on March07,2009 sharing a similar Word from the Lord. Prior to March 14, 2009 I had no knowledge of David Wilkerson. However, after hearing about the email, I was excited about reading the confirming word.

Therefore, once I returned home, I researched his site, and was blessed tremendously by the confirmation of God’s Word. Due to website restrictions, I’m not allowed to post the confirming message, but feel free to visit the website of David Wilkerson to view the email.

I pray you’ll heed the newsletter emailed several months ago, and store up for the famine. It’s certainly coming upon the land. During this season, God is speaking to numerous Prophets and Apostles. He’s urging them to release the message of stocking up on food and water. Many have been diligently preparing for this challenging time. While others have delayed in preparing for the famine.

Don’t turn a deaf ear to the warnings. Remember God said sudden disasters would begin to happen all over the world.

The manifestations have already begun. Do you see the devastation that has come upon Haiti? The experts are saying there hasn’t been an earthquake in Haiti in over two hundred years!

Please be advised, this warning isn’t purposed to release a Spirit of fear, but to sound the trumpet regarding those things to come. I realize everyone won’t embrace this message, in fact many will out right reject it, but God will surely manifest His Words!

*Remain prayerful, steadfast, unmovable, and most importantly Stand on God’s Word.