God Is Completing the Work He Began in Me…

Prophetess Jones came into my life about four years ago. God had her impart to me certain things that were hindering my walk with Him. I certainly had no interest in being told how low my self esteem was or any of the other revelations that God instructed her to divulge. I remember at the end of the conversation how I began to cry, Prophetess said, “See, those demons don’t want to be exposed!” I was thinking to myself, this has nothing to do with demons, you are hurting my feelings…I did not understand the strongholds in my life of how they truly affected me. Before she pulled away, she gave me chapters in the Bible to read and instructed me to ask God to “show me myself”.

God is indeed at work completing the work He has begun in me. Through dreams and His Holy Word, God has shown Himself strong in my life. It took the REALNESS and TRUTH that Prophetess spoke on that day to begin to scrape the scales away from my eyes. God is revealing Himself to me in such a way that sometimes I can’t hardly stand to read the verses of His instruction. The truth that He is revealing cuts so deeply it pierces me to my very soul. How easy it could have been for her to see the hurt and torturous pain I was staggering through in my day to day existence and just dismiss me. To let me continue as the haughty, prideful, bitter person that had been manifested to deal with all the hurt, pain, and rejection from my past.

God allowed her not be caught up with the pain or why the pain was there, but to reach to the very core of what this pain was causing me to do to myself. The way it was causing me to defile God’s temple. Promiscuity, pornography, drugs, and over-indulgence had taken over my life. I hid the hurt so well I no longer addressed it as what it really was to myself. I had adapted to living in the darkness…

I know God is real. I know that He has set me free from the bondage that ruled my life for so long. On the same token, I know that Broken Chains Ministries is truly committed to SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE. I have been witness to the power of God that exudes from Prophetess Jones and those around her. My life will never be the same. I am ready to LIVE. In Christ there is fullness of joy. I want to live in the fullness of Christ and the salvation that He has made available to me. I praise God that on that day many years ago, Prophetess Jones stood boldly in the face of the devils that were running rampant in my life and put them under submission of the Holy Ghost.

S. Francheska Powell
Baton Rouge, Louisiana