Hallelujah, Praise The Lord for Broken Chains Ministry!


I thank God for this ministry of God’s Truth birthed by the Holy Spirit. It was the catalyst for my change out of a traditional and religious mindset into true relationship with Jesus Christ.

As long as I’ve followed BCM, I have been edified and transformed by its teaching, impartation, prophecy, and deliverance components. The ministry is empowering, encouraging, and transforming Saints to mature to the next dimension.

This ministry embodies and embraces the complete Word of God. Therefore miracles, revelation, wisdom, and understanding are employed. Prophetess Jones has passion for genuine truth and demonstrates compassion for God’s people to grow in the knowledge and wisdom in the things of God.

I believe that we are blessed and challenged by the authority and power of God working in BCM This Ministry operates in faithfulness, obedience, and steadfast commitment in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Many yokes have been broken, burdens have been destroyed and captives are set free (I am a witness). Thanks to God using BCM, I am being delivered from religion and tradition and focused on true relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you Prophetess Jones, for your submission to God and being an example as a “REAL” PROPHET and SERVANT of the Living God.

Thank you for giving up your life for the Glory of God and the salvation of mankind.

Rev. JJB
Social Worker, GSW
Hallelujah Enterprises Ministries