Thank You for Being God’s Chosen Vessel…

Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He reveal His secret unto His prophet.” Thank you for being God’s chosen vessel, a real genuine authentic prophetess. In the natural I have never met you, except in the Spirit realm in 2004. I was serving as Assistant Pastor to a Congregation of approximately 600.

I was facing many obstacles and desperately in need of a Word of direction and encouragement from the Lord. Abba Father, knowing my need used my best friend – Rev. J. B. to help you reach me.

Thank you, mighty praying woman of God, for allowing Him to use you, in confidence, to help His chosen vessel. From a grateful 74 year old woman, Preacher, Teacher in His service for almost 40 years. Love you.

Dr. M. Swift of Los Angeles