Who We Are

Jesus is the key that sets the captives free

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We Pray, Intercede, & Travail

Jesus is setting the Captives FREE

Broken Chains Ministries is a Healing and Deliverance Ministry, empowered and ordained by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the purpose of setting the captives free.

Broken Chains Global MinistriesBroken Chains has been given a commission to root out, pull down, destroy, tear down, build, and plant. Jeremiah 1:10

This Ministry has been anointed/certified by God to stand on the battlefield as justified and glorified Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, demon slayers, and oracles to the nations.

The Word of God is living and active in this Ministry. We comprehend the Word of God not only from a perspective of wisdom and knowledge, but also revelation.

Our valley experiences have equipped us to triumph victoriously over the adversary, (with joy) and pursue our God ordained destiny. This Ministry produces much fruit, in turn causing mountain top results all for the Glory of God.

We’re committed to a holistic approach regarding  every individual God entrusts to this ministry (mind, body, soul and spirit). We’re passionate about deliverance, truth, and love permeating through every soul that crosses our path.

Our mission is to allow God to use us as vessels of clay to  impact and transform lives from the inner to the outer core.  Through this ministry God is breaking chains  one link at a time.

We give God Glory!
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